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What is Authentication code and how can I get it?

Kalina Kar

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Every new company that has been register with Companies House is issued with their own Authentication Code, which is considered as company officer's signature or company's PIN. 

It is a 6 digit alphanumeric code and you will need it to file or update information about your company's details on Companies House registrar. 

When you register your company directly  with Companies House, the Auth.Code will be sent to your company's registered address within 5 working days of the incorporation. 

If you prefer for your code to be delivered to your home address, you will have to create an account with Companies House WebFiling and request it online.  

Here is the link to Companies House page:

However, if your company is formed with any authorised formation agent such as Future Formations, you will be provided with your Auth.Code the minute your company is incorporated.

We will send you an email when you company has been successfully incorporated, then you can log in to your online portal and see your new auth.code in "Company Overview" tab.

Please keep in mind to keep your Auth.Code save and do not share it with people that you do not trust. Anyone who knows your auth.code can change details of your company, add or remove director, change value of share or even make company dormant. Treat your code as it would be your bank card PIN. 

If you think that your code got into unwanted hands, you can always cancel it or change it through your online filing service. Also, make sure to inform all the relevant person about the change, like your accountant who does filing for you.

NOTE: Companies House will never ask for your authentication code over the phone or send it to you via email. It will be sent to you only by post. 

If it happens that someone calls and claims is from Companies House asking for your auth.code, you need to report it immediately. 

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