Canary Wharf Package

What is Canary Wharf Package?

Kalina Kar

Last Update a year ago

Canary Wharf Package was created to keep your home and work life separate, as well as to avoid unwanted junk mail, visitors, or suppliers turning up at your residential address. This package is a combination of Registered Office Address, Service Address, for up to 2 officers, and London Business Address. 

Both, Registered Office and Service Address are essential when registering your business with Companies House. 

Those services allow you to receive all government letters (Companies House, HMRC, Pension Fund, IPO, ICO, Office of National Statistic, and all the letters from government bodies) under your company name and all your officer's name.

The London Business Address allows you to receive all your general mail or parcels under one address. In addition, you can use it on all your business correspondence to your potential customers or business partners, marketing materials, website, invoices, and many more. 

Another benefit of having Canary Wharf Package is that it will give your business an impression of an established business in the heart of the UK's financial district, Canary Wharf.

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