Certificate of Goods Standing (COGS)

What is a Certificate of Goods Standing and why do I need it?

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Certificate of Goods Standing, simply referred as COGS, is used to prove that a company has been incorporated and is authorised to trade. 

The COGS is issued by Companies House and sent by post to company's registered office address. 

What Certificate of Goods Standing include: 

  • Company name and number
  • Date of the incorporation 
  • Names of the company's directors and registered office address
  • If required, all changes of company name
  • Valid statement that the company has been in continuous and unbroken existence since the incorporation
  • A declaration that no actions have been taken by Companies House to strike off the company and class it as invalid
  • A declaration that there have been no actions taken by Companies House to strike off the company and class it as invalid
  • A statement that, as far as the Registrar is aware, the company isn't in liquidation, isn't subject to an administration order and no manager or receiver of the company's property has been chosen

Why do I need COGS for? 

If you planning on doing business internationally, opening a foreign branch or an overseas bank account for your UK company, you may be requested by to the official registrar (the equivalent of Companies House) in that country to provide a copy of COGS to prove your company is registered and in good standing. 

Also, you may be asked to verify the authenticity of your COGS, meaning it would have to be legalised by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This term is commonly referred to as 'apostille of the document'. 

Find out more about Apostille Document here: https://kb.futureformations.co.uk/article/apostille-documents

How can I get the Certificate of Goods Standing? 

Any company that has been incorporated can order a COGS, even within few days after the incorporation. You can order certificate on Companies House website, or you can order through us, Future Formations, and we will send it to you by post to address of your choice. 

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