Certificate of Incorporation

What is a Certificate of Incorporation and why do I need it?

Kalina Kar

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In line with Companies Act 2006, Certificate of Incorporation is issued for every newly formed limited company that has been registered with Companies House. The certificate should show the name of your company and structure, the registered number of the company, date of the incorporation and its registered office address. 

If you thinking of opening a bank account for your company, Certificate of Incorporation will be the most important document that you will have to take with you. Your certificate will prove that your business has been set up correctly, it’s on the public register of companies and it’s a legal entity in its own right. 

As banks have quite strict rules when it comes to opening a business account, you will have to go through a specific number of checks to prevent fraudulent activities. Except Certificate of Incorporation and your ID, you most likely will be asked to bring your formation company document such us Memorandum & Articles of Association and any share certificate that have been issues for company's shareholders. 

For companies that want to open a bank account overseas, you will have to have your formation documents apostilled, meaning the documents would have to be certified by the UK's Foreign & Commonwealth Office. 

Read more about Apostille Documents in the article below. 

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