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What is a Company Seal and why do I need one?


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A Company Seal, commonly known as a corporate seal, is a device that embosses the companies name - and traditionally the company registration number, onto all official documents. 

Historically, it was required to certify official company documents such as share certificates and contracts, however, the UK no longer requires a company seal to certify documents, instead, two signatures are required by either two officers of the company, or a director and a witness. 

Many businesses still use a Company Seal, not only for image, but for international business as it is still a legal requirement to certify documents in many countries.

When signing important company documents, usually you need two authorised signatures for the document to be valid, like from the director and company secretary. With a company seal, only one company representative can authenticate the document. 

Company seal can only be used by the person who was authorised to do so, and it should be kept in a secure place. Use of the company seal should be monitored and recorded to prevent misuse. 

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