Confirmation Statement

What is Confirmation Statement and why do I need it?

Kalina Kar

Last Update 9 months ago

Every Limited companies and Limited Liability Partnership must file Confirmation Statement with Companies House at least once a year. Even if a company is a non-trading company or a dormant company, you still need to file your Confirmation Statement. 

This statement is filed by the company's director to notify Companies House of all the changes that happened within the company for the past year, such as change of the company's registered office address, changes to details of directors, secretary or PSC (Person with Significant Control). 

Even if there have been no changes to your company details, you still need to file confirmation statement. 

It is required by the UK law to file confirmation statement on time. If for some reason you miss the deadline, your company and the company's officers may be prosecuted, as well as your company may be struck off the register. 

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