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What is a Share Certificate and why do I need one?


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A Share Certificate is similar to a 'receipt' in which a corporations would issue to give to Shareholders in order to show and prove the ownership of the specific percentage of shares they have within the company. Some companies refer to share certificate as a Stock Certificate as well. 

What information are included on the share certificate?

  1. Company name and registration number
  2. An unique certificate number
  3. Company's Registered Office Address
  4. Shareholder name and address
  5. Issue date of shares
  6. Number of shares owned
  7. Type or class of shares
  8. Amount paid (or treated as paid) on the shares

Who should sign share certificate?

  • If a company has 2 directors, both of them need to sign the certificate 
  • If company has 1 director and the company secretary, both need to sign it as well
  • Companies with only one director and no company secretary, the company director is signing the certificate in the presence of a witness who vouch for his or her signature.

When does a company need to issue a share certificate?

As long as there are no specific provision in the company's Articles of Association, you must issue the certificate to the shareholders within two months of the company registration, which is usually done on the first board meeting. The two months period applies when shareholders transfer their shares to another shareholder. 

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