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What is an SIC Code and why do I need it?


Last Update 9 months ago

A Standard Industrial Classification code or, more commonly known as an SIC Code, is a 5 digit numerical code that details the business activity of the company. 

Each company in the UK legally have to choose at least 1, but up to 4 codes when registering with Companies House. The majority of companies need a single SIC code, however, more complex or varied businesses may choose up to 4.

SIC Codes are a system implemented by Companies House to categorise and identify the companies business activities in different industries.

You can update or change your SIC Code, If your business changes or is moving in a different direction than originally anticipated, but remember that you need to notify Companies House of this when you file your next Confirmation Statement. You must also notify Companies House if you are a non-trading limited or dormant company, and you will have to use SIC Code 99999 to show you are no longer trading.

You can find list of SIC Codes, which are provided by Companies House, here.

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