Telephone Answering Service

What is the Telephone/Call Answering Service?

Kalina Kar

Last Update a year ago

The Telephone Answering service was created in order for your business never to lose an opportunity or lead again.

Our professional Call Answering service offers you unlimited incoming calls, friendly and dedicated staff answering all your calls in your company name, and messages from your customers, with all the relevant information, are emailed to you instantly. 

The calls are answered during normal working hours, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. After hour calls will go straight to your voicemail, so you have access to your clients messages 24/7. If you prefer to have more personal contact with your clients, we can transfer your calls to any number you wish for a small charge.

You will be given an 0203/0204 London number as standard, but you will have the choice to upgrade to more desirable 0207 number. 

We will offer you standard greeting option when we answer your calls, but if you wish to have it customized, we can do that for you according to your instruction for additional fee.

The set up of your new Telephone Answering Service is easy and you can start promoting your new number within hours of the purchase. 

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