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What is a Virtual Office?

Kalina Kar

Last Update 10 months ago

A Virtual Office provides office-related services and a physical office address, giving all of the perks of a commercial property, without the overheads of running a physical office.

With a Virtual Office, business owners or employees can work from anywhere in the world whilst still maintaining access to their mail; that will be scanned to their email or posted, and telephone answering services; that can be forwarded or relayed.

A virtual office is beneficial to individuals that would like to protect their privacy by separating their home address with their business, all whilst benefiting from the prime location of their virtual office address. 

This not only looks more professional to the customer, but it gives the impression that your business is more well-established than it already is, in turn, raising credibility and trust with potential customers.
Please note that the address is for a VIRTUAL office. You are not in, nor do you physically own the office space in question.

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