Who are Future Formations Ltd

Who we are?

Kalina Kar

Last Update a year ago

We are a Company Formations agent, authorised by Companies House to file electronic incorporations of registered Companies.

We are also licenced by Tower Hamlets Council as a Mailforwarding Provider.

Company Number 12756275

VAT Number 354 4643 91

AML – XAML00000154383

Future Formations was incorporated on 20th July 2020, and although a relatively new company, we have staff working in the office with over 25 years of experience, We mean it when we say your Future is in good hands.

We believe in being transparent in everything we do.

Our straightforward and simple pricing structure allows you to choose a product or service that suits your needs offering you a cost-effective business solution at a competitive price.

Our range of products will provide you with choice and value for money, allowing you to purchase a product, for up to 60 months (five years), offering you peace of mind that you do not have to worry about reminders, price increases, and relax, knowing you can focus on your business, letting us take care of you.

We want your experience to be one that takes away the hassle of having an office with all the expenses attached to them and for us to make your customer journey as simple as possible.

What is our Vision

Our vision is to make starting up a company as easy as possible with the use of Artificial Intelligence, in turn bringing the cost of your services down, We are putting a lot into the self-help, guides, blogs, and knowledge-based system, so you have the answers to your questions at your fingertips.

If we can empower customers to be able to find and understand what they are looking for quickly and easily, then this will be saving both us and you (the customer) money.

Our Director is putting together plans for the new platform, we believe that the initial investment will be worth it, 

These changes will enhance all our customers, not just customers wanting to set up a new start-up business. 

Your Future Is in good hands

We can assure all our customers that we will assist them with any queries they should have, if we do not have the answer to hand, we will get the answer and ensure this is feed back to the customer.

We also have some exclusive referrals, put together with start-ups in mind, this do not cost anything to be referred, and some of them you even get money back, so it is worth having a look.

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